5 Exotic Holiday Destinations You Can’t Miss

From Historical Adventures to Luxurious Beaches, These Are Trips You Need to Take

Are you bored of going to the same places each year? If COVID taught us one thing, it’s to enjoy life and make the most of it. So with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five exotic holiday destinations to add to your bucket list. 


Top Exotic Holiday Destinations


Whether you’re an adventure junkie or prefer a laid back beach holiday, this list has something for everyone. Sit back, relax, pour yourself a pina colada (or imagine you’ve got one), and learn about these magnificent holiday choices. 


Dubrovnik, Croatia

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OK, so Croatia probably isn’t on your bucket list, but in recent years it’s become a tourist hotspot. Holidaymakers looking for a combination of affordability and luxury can sample the delights of Dubrovnik. 


The ancient medieval-style city rests on the Adriatic Sea, and it’s filled with traditional style streets, and world-class restaurants. Although you can see Dubrovnik in one day, there’s plenty of opportunities to take in the sunshine and relax on the stunning beaches. 


The Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik


Go Medieval – The medieval wall walk gives you a chance to witness breath-taking views and see the city from a height. 


Shop in the Old Town – The old town has some great shops, so you can enjoy traditional Croatian food and find some great gifts to take home too. 


Tour Kings Landing – Game of Thrones fans will want to head straight to St Dominika Street, to see where Cersei Lannister famously took her walk of shame. 


Lokrum Island – If you’ve seen all the city has to offer, head to the stunning Lokrum Island and enjoy gorgeous beaches and extraordinary wildlife. 


Taveuni, Fiji 

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Fiji is known for its stunning beaches, crystal blue water and luxurious hotels. Most people want to visit Fiji, but with so many great destinations, it’s hard to know which resort to choose. Our top pick is Taveuni, which is also known as “The Garden Island” of Fiji. 


If lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls aren’t your thing, then don’t bother visiting Taveuni. Nature lovers will fall in love with this beautiful place, which is full of awe-inspiring views and fantastic wildlife. 


The Best Things to do in Taveuni


Tavoro Waterfalls – The Bouma Heritage Park has three waterfalls and all of which are amazing to visit. Two of the waterfalls require quite a long hike, so it’s a great way to spend the day. 


Waitavala Water Slides – Instead of visiting a water park, you can head to the Waitavala Water Slides, which are a result of nature. The local kids love showing off their skills, and it’s a great way to meet new people. 


Qamea – Divers flock to Fiji to take in the Islands magnificent reefs and sea life. Qamea is a beautiful Island, filled with white sandy beaches and palm trees. You can even see the abundance of red crabs if you visit during November and December. 


Luxor, Egypt

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For some reason, most people choose to visit Cairo when they go on holiday to Egypt. Having been to both, I think Luxor has a lot more to offer – especially if you love Egyptian history. 


There are so many fantastic sites to visit, including the Karnak Temple and The Valley of the Kings. Visiting Luxor takes you back in time, and it’s easy to get lost in the wonders of Egypt. You can combine a trip to Luxor with a beach break in Hurghada for the ultimate holiday. 


The Best Things to do in Luxor


Temple of Karnak – Probably one of the most famous temples in the world, Karnak is an incredible example of Egyptian architecture. It was built over many years, with lots of Pharaohs contributing to make it the beautiful piece of architecture it is today. 


Valley of the Kings – What better way to take in Egyptian history than to see the final resting place of some of its most famous rulers. The Valley of the Kings is an incredible place, and visiting each tomb is an experience I’ll most certainly never forget. There’s also the Valley of the Queens. 


The Luxor Museum – This museum lets you travel through the ancient land of Thebes right up to Islamic Egypt. There are some incredible artefacts on display, and Egyptian history enthusiasts will love viewing the tomb furnishings and mummies of Ahmose I and Rameses I. 


Maui, Hawaii

<h3>maui scenery</h3>

When people think of Hawaii, Honolulu is usually the first island that comes to mind. While Honolulu is a great place, Maui has so much to offer if you’re looking for an exotic holiday destination. It’s the ideal place for those that want to relax and adventure seekers alike. 


Maui is filled with exotic beaches, and each has something unique to offer tourists. With delicious food, awe-inspiring views, stunning sea life and friendly natives, this island will keep you coming back for more. 


The Best Things to do in Maui 


Atlantis Submarine Trip – Forget glass-bottom boats, because Maui has a great way to witness the island’s sea life. Their submarine trips take you deep under the water, so you can get close to the animals without having to worry about your safety. 


Skyline Hawaii – Adventure seekers will love this innovative way to see the island. Instead of taking a tour, why not zipline across the island? Depending on which company you choose, you can soar across waterfalls, beaches and see the sites of the island. 


Adventure Park Maui – If you like high-flying activities, visit Maui’s aerial adventure park. There are over 50 climbing activities, so you can find something suitable for people of all abilities and thrill levels. 


Mombasa, Kenya

<h3>mombasa scenery</h3>

Kenya is an incredible country, and it’s hard to pick just one place for your holiday. However, if you want to combine adventure with luxury, then Mombasa is the ideal place. With its range of safari parks and beaches, there’s something for everyone. 


One thing people notice about Mombasa is its eclectic cultural mix. You’ll find Indian, Arabic and African influences throughout the whole city. Great food, shopping and friendly locals await you at every corner. 


The Best Things to do in Mombasa


Haller Park Safari – If camping out in the wilderness isn’t your thing, then you can still see the incredible African wildlife at the Haller Park. There’s also a selection of plants that shows you how important they are to our ecosystem. 


Day Trip to Tsavo East National Park – If lions are your thing, head to the Tsavo East National Park. The day trips are a great way to see these magnificent creatures, and you won’t be disappointed. 


Mombasa City Tour – Mombasa has some fantastic cultural sites, and there’s no better way to see them than taking a tour of the city. You’ll also get to visit the infamous Fort Jesus


Nyali Beach – Visiting Mombasa doesn’t have to be all action, because there are some beautiful beaches. For families, I’d pick Nyali Beach because it has impressive coral reefs and long stretches of white sand. 


The Takeaway 


There are many fabulous exotic holiday destinations in the world, but the ones above should be on your bucket list. Remember, before you travel anywhere, check what injections you might require before you go. 


Be safe, understand the customs of each country and travel with tour groups for extra security. Subscribe to our mailing list for more excellent travel ideas or leave a comment to tell us where you’re going next. 


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