The 10 Best Gifts For Cats 

10 gifts for cats

Your cat deserves the best right? Well in our best gifts for cats guide we’re going to introduce you to a selection of incredible toys, treats and gifts for your treasured pet. Whether your bundle of fur loves chasing toys, or jumping for feathers we’ve got the perfect options for you. 

Our Picks for the Best Gifts for Cats 

Here are our top 10 choices for the best gifts for cats. 

Yeowww Tin Of Stinkies 

<h3>tin of yeowww sardines</h3>

Yeowww Stinkies are a personal favourite of my cat, and she goes crazy for them. Each tin contains three sardine shaped toys, packed full of pure catnip. I’ll warn you now they live up to their name, but if your cat responds to catnip, then you won’t find better than the Yeowww collection. 

Most cats react strongly to the packaging, which shows how potent the catnip in these toys is. I’d recommend giving you cat one stinkie at the time, and swapping it with the others when she starts to lose interest. 

If your cat gets bored quickly, then the Yeowww Stinkies might be best as a treat instead of giving your cat full access to the toys. However, most pet owners can’t speak highly enough of these powerful little toys. 

Cat Feather Wand 

<h3>photo of feather toy</h3>

One of the most popular kitten toys, the wand should never be underestimated. I love this wand in particular because it comes with a range of colourful attachments to suit every cat’s preference. It includes four colourful feather attachments, a mouse and two toys. 

The retractable wand means your cat can get lots of exercise and jump for the toys. If you have an indoor cat, then this toy is incredibly useful, because it mimics the act of hunting and keeps your bored kitty entertained. 

One downside is you’ll need to interact with your cat if they want to play. It’s not a great toy for cats that are home alone, but it’s excellent for bonding with a new kitten. 

DADYPET Cat Laser Toy

<h2>rotating laser toy</h3>

Forget the old school laser pens because this toy is everything your cat could want/need. The automatic toy rotates 360° and has attachments for feathers. There’s also a laser light so your cat can enjoy two modes of play. 

You can also choose between four automatic modes, including slow, medium, fast and random. Kittens will be best with the slow mode, and more energetic cats will love the random mode which simulates hunting. 

The toy comes with a USB charger, and it’s ideal if you want an interactive toy that your cat can play with alone. Trust me, as someone that works from home and has a cat that’s obsessed with sitting on my laptop, this toy is a godsend. 

CatIt Senses Play Circuit 

<h3>catit box</h3>

Cats need a lot of stimulation, and they often respond to toys that stimulate their hunting instincts. The CatIt Senses Play Circuit is specifically designed to appeal to a cat’s instincts by using sound, light and motion. 

Three balls shoot around a track, and your cat has the opportunity to swat the ball, which keeps it moving. It has 100+ layouts which mean hours of entertainment for your kitty, without you having to do anything! 

Make sure you clip the track together correctly, and it’s useful to show your cat how the track works. Once kitties get used to it, they’ll love it. Overall it’s a great toy, but probably more suited to curious kittens. 

ANG Play Mat

<h3>cats playing with mat toy</h3>

Cats love to play, sleep and hide in dark places, right? Well, how about a toy that covers all of those bases? The ANG play mat is a genius invention, and cats adore it. The durable mat has lots of holes for your cat to hide in, and you can hide treats or toys within the mat to encourage play. 

Kittens love playing on the mat all day, and cats enjoy a mix of play and sleep. Overall this play mat is a fantastic gift, and it will last a long time. Better still, you can use the snaps to adjust the shape and keep your kitty entertained for longer. 

Kuou Cat Spring Toys 

<h3>coloured cat spring toys</h3>

Let’s face it, sometimes you spend a fortune on high-tech toys and find your cats more interested in bits of paper or plastic, right? If you’ve got one of those kitties, then these springs are perfect. 

The springs come in a pack of 12 and are made of BPA plastic, which is safer for animals. They’re also very lightweight, which means your cat can enjoy flipping them with her paws and then chasing them around the room. 

Ideal for cats that are home alone a lot, but we’d recommend you put them away at night because they can get noisy. As far as cheap gifts for cats go, you can’t get much better than the Kuou springs. 

Thrive Cat Treats 

<h3>thrive four tubes</h3>

Dreamies are a household staple for pet owners, but if you want to treat your cat to something extra special then go for Thrive treats. Not only are they delicious (according to my furry friend), they’re also a healthier option. 

A pack of four tubes includes tuna, chicken, white fish and chicken liver, so there’s a lot of variety. With no sugars and artificial colours, these all-natural treats will become your pet’s favourite. Hide them away, because they will hunt for them! 

PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag 

<h3>cat in sleeping sack</h3>

If your cat loves hiding in things, then this sleeping bag is an absolute must-have. Not only does it have an outer layer of velvet fabric, but it also has an inner layer of fleece that keeps your pet warm during the winter. 

It’s also ideal for cats that have anxiety issues because the sleeping bag makes them feel safe. Puppies can also fit in the sack, so if you have a puppy, then it might be worth buying two. 

Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board

<h3>trixie treat activity board</h3>

The Trixie board is a fun cat treat toy that makes your pet work for their treats. It’s especially useful for older or less agile cats because it exercises their mind without causing too much stress on the body. 

There are five different modules, and each will test your cat’s intelligence and ability. While some kittens will get bored with this toy, it’s more suited for older pets, and it can keep them entertained for weeks. 

AmazonBasics Cat Condo Tree

<h3>photo of cat condo tree</h3>

Cats love scratching posts, and they certainly save your furniture, but traditional posts can get boring very quickly. The AmazonBasics condo tree includes two scratching posts, a furry ball toy and a hammock too. 

The condo tree is large enough for both kittens and larger cats, but it won’t allow for multiple pets to use it at once. A great way to encourage use is to place some catnip at the bottom of the scratching post. 

The Wrap Up 

Cats love to play, and it’s essential to encourage your furry friend to release some of their energy. These gifts for cats will encourage bonding between the two of you, keep your kitty entertained while you’re away and give them a safe place to sleep. 

If you’ve got a dog, then check out our best gifts for dogs guide. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for fun news, buyers guides and incredible stories. 

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