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7 Weird Phobias You’ve Probably Never Heard Of 

weird phobias

We all have things that scare us, but sometimes a small fear can evolve into a crippling phobia. For a lot of people, it’s claustrophobia – the fear of small spaces. I know for me, it’s spiders. Even the thought of one sends me into a panic, but while these are pretty common fears, some people develop weird phobias you’ve probably never heard of. 


Imagine being terrified of the phone or even having a phobia. These weird phobias are very real for some people. Let’s take a look at them. 



<h3>red telephone</h3>

Yes, some people are genuinely terrified of making telephone calls to the point they avoid it altogether. It’s common for introverts to dislike talking on the phone, but for individuals with Telephonophobia, the fear goes a lot deeper. 


There are many factors which can contribute to developing a fear of telephones, including hating how your voice sounds, having a bad experience on the phone or suffering from a severe form of social anxiety. 


Most people try to manage their phobia by only sending text messages or emails, which can impact their ability to work and communicate with others. 


Overcoming Telephonophobia


For many people, the only way to tackle Telephonophobia is to tackle it head-on and reveal the root of the phobia. Some people find it helpful to get support, while others might join forums to communicate with others that suffer from the same fear. 


There are also useful self-help books to support individuals to plan out their telephone calls and take small steps to overcome the phobia. 




Well, Ablutophobia is an inconvenient fear for both the sufferer and everyone around them. It refers to being terrified of bathing, so it can lead to some smelly situations! It’s more common for women and children to be affected, and sufferers have an intense fear of taking a bath and washing in general. 


Complications include social isolation, drug problems to try and combat the fear and a lack of understanding from family and friends – definitely not one of the weird phobias you’d want! 


Overcoming Ablutophobia


There are many ways someone can overcome their phobia of bathing, but the best is exposure therapy. It involves intensive CBT and a lot of willpower. But, there are also lots of medications people can take and most find that mindfulness is the best way to combat their fears. 



<h3>love heart</h3>

Well, men could take advantage of this phobia, because it means fear of love. While most people search for a special someone to share their life with, individuals with Philophobia are terrified of forming an emotional connection to others and shy away from dating. 


Although Philophobia isn’t classed as a social anxiety disorder, it does share numerous symptoms including panic attacks, sweating palms and an increased heartbeat. The condition can be triggered by a bad relationship experience, growing up with detached parents or by low self-esteem. 


Overcoming Philophobia 


The best way of dealing with Philophobia is for the sufferer to confront their fear and discuss the issues surrounding it. Most people find that “What If” therapy can help a lot. By talking about worst-case scenarios such as a relationship potentially not working out, or being cheated on, the individual can find ways to copy and experience relationships. 


It’s important to mention that a phobia of love is much different from being scared of commitment – so don’t confuse the two. People who fear commitment cheat, or prefer not to get into serious relationships, but an actual phobia results in physical symptoms. 



<h3>red face</h3>

Rosacea sufferers know all too well the damage a red face can do to your confidence. Ereuthophobia is the fear of blushing, and sufferers will go to great lengths to avoid situations that might embarrass them. 


Most people with Ereuthophobia suffer from a social anxiety disorder or low self-esteem. It’s common for people to avoid work, socialising and dating because they’re terrified of blushing. 




While the treatments for Eurothophobia are similar to many phobias, some people find a condition called Rosacea triggers the phobia. People with Rosacea often suffer from a red face and flushing symptoms. Nobody knows what causes the condition, but there are several Rosacea treatments available. 



<h3>jealous mum</h3>

Well nobody said dealing with a mother-in-law is easy and these people find it so difficult they’ve developed a phobia of the most important woman in their other half’s life. It’s only natural that we want to impress our mother in law, but when a crippling fear of being in her presence comes in, it becomes a phobia. 


Common symptoms include the usual physical traits such as sweating, a racing heart and feeling sick. But people with Pentheraphobia will also go out of their way to avoid family functions and might make excuses, so they don’t have to see their mother in law. 


Overcoming Pentheraphobia 


Many sufferers find medication might help to reduce the physical symptoms, but the condition will only improve once an individual deals with the mental issues that cause the phobia. 


Some people might also benefit from learning techniques about how to deal with their in-laws, so they feel confident, going into uncomfortable situations. 



<h3>beautiful woman</h3>

The fear of beautiful women hits most of us at some point. There’s proof that beautiful women struggle to find dates. One reason for this is, people are too scared to approach them. Gorgeous women can also find it challenging to make and keep female friends because of their looks. 


For some people, the idea of being in the presence of a beautiful woman brings them out into a cold sweat. While it’s natural for most people to feel slightly insecure, shy or uncomfortable, this phobia takes it to another level. 


Overcoming Venustraphobia


Perhaps the best way to get over a phobia of beautiful women is to realise they’re people too. Now some beautiful women can be shallow, but that isn’t the same case for all of them. It’s also a good idea for sufferers to build their confidence and self-esteem so they can learn coping techniques for being around someone they’re attracted to. 



<h3>man with head in hands</h3>

How on earth do people with this phobia manage to exist? It’s definitely one of the worst weird phobias and it can’t be easy if you’re scared of anything and everything. Sufferers develop fears of a range of things because they’re worried they might contain evil entities. 


Most people with Panphobia have severe anxieties and find it almost impossible to live a normal life. They’re always paranoid about everyday things and don’t know how to deal with thoughts of the unknown. 


Overcoming Panphobia


It’s unlikely someone will get over Panphobia without intensive treatment and support. First, the sufferer must identify the root of the condition, and often needs therapy to overcome it. Medication can help in the short-term too. 


The Bottom Line 


Well, there you have it. Those were seven weird phobias, but there are lots more out there. There’s pretty much a phobia for everything now! There are lots of irrational fears that occur for no apparent reason. 


If you have a phobia, then maybe it’s due to a traumatic event or fears your parents placed onto you. My mother was terrified of spiders, so growing up, I learned to fear them too. 


Luckily, there are some excellent phobia self-help books to help you get over your fears. If reading a book doesn’t appeal to you, then there’s a great audiobook that will teach you how to overcome your phobia. 


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